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Cellinite Evaluation Program A Success - Cellinite Technologies, Inc. has adopted our own evaluation program and has been receiving positive reviews for our Cellinite BioTabs - Portable Toilet Tablets. Evaluation Spotlight
12/10/07 - Cellinite BioTabs - Portable Toilet Tablets - Thank you for you continued interest in our Boat & RV tablets. Due to increased demand for our Boat & RV head treatment we are working on building an online store so our products can be purchased online. Until then, please submit orders via phone, e-mail, or fax: Order Forms

Cellinite BioTabs, Only Product To Apply Oxygen - Many RV & Boat tank treatment products claim to use the 'power of oxygen'. The fact is, these products use the oxygen within the water in the tank. Cellinite BioTabs is the ONLY product that delivers oxygen to the tank through its patented design. Read More Here!

Want to take the extra step to make sure your bathroom experience is at its utmost enjoyable? Follow these simple tips - Portable Bathroom Tips

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